One day you are a top rated consultancy…

… and the next you are a forgotten scrap inside the guts of a DNS machine somewhere in the backlot of a redneck landfill.

What am I talking about?

Back in 2000 I started working for what back then was a top notch internet consultancy. One of the big guns, full of bright kids with funny ideas on what to do with the new shiny toy that dad had put on their christmas tree: the Internet.

Founded by swedes, IconMedialab went around the world buying here and there smaller companies like there was no tomorrow, like it didn’t matter as long as you kept growing, forgetting about the product, the sales, the quality of their hires, their ultimate customer and saviour: the users. Everyone was to blame.

They burnt talent like the midnight oil.

Eventually someone bought them. Reminds me a bit of the rising female actress who ends up as a two-cent crackwhore for an unknown man with loads of cash that wants the attention she brings into the relationship. In this case the attention meant the stock market.

Anyways, I digress.

What I wanted to say is that now is as forgotten as known it was back in the heyday of the dotcom bubble. Take a look at despair, it might not last.

UPDATE: Well, seems like the pimp got around and bought the whore a new dress. No need to visit her now. Ahh, the fleeting tenderness of the internet.


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