SXSW Interactive 2008 – Oh yes

One of the reasons anyone sets up a website with a blog (or else) is to selfpromote whatever puts him on top of the rest of wasteful humanity. It is a pulpit where you brag and brag continously about how cool you are, what cool things you just have bought and which cool travels you are about to make.

It is a shameless vanity machine allright. And that is yesterday’s news.

Now, you might have noticed I wrote “SXSW” in the title. That means that a few lucky ones will be attending this year’s SXSW interactive festival in the capital of the lone star state.

SXSW 2008 Interactive Festival

Five days of geektastic speeches and discussions.

Now, honestly, in paper this event packs the largest amount of interactive related talent for the cheapest price (254€). Zeldman, Powazek, Coudal, Vinh, Santa Maria, Spool, Fried. 131 events so far. It HAS to be good, right?

But, if you are afraid of traveling to the land that gave us Dubya, you can stick to good ol’ Europe and attend reboot 10.0 in Copenhagen, Denmark. A few of us went there for the 9.0 edition and we are coming back this year. 200€ makes it the cheapest event I can think of with two days full of 45 minutes conferences (two or three at a time). Add all the calsberg anyone could ever dream of and you get one hell of a homely event.

Oh, and why do I go to these kind of events? three reasons:

  • inspiration
  • perspective
  • networking

It refreshes my brain, provides me with new insights for my daily work, puts me in perspective of where are we going in this world and it is always a good time to see that even though you live in Cambodia we are actually more alike that we thought.

And its your fault I am mean like this; after all, you made me.

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