Fundamentos Web: Here we come

Next tuesday October 3rd the largest web-oriented conference in Spain will begin. It will be the second edition of Fundamentos Web, after last year’s apparently successful start.

It is weird that an event as big as this happens in a ‘smallish’ place such as Oviedo, but, at the same time, fitting, knowing how chaotic and difficult spaniards can be. This is the country where the term opinionated was invented after all, and where criticism is almost a national sport. We are never good enough and somewhere else they do it better. If someone tried to organize something like this in Madrid … well, just imagine the endless discussion on who to invite to give the keynote.

Anyways, it should be fun.

There is some interesting speakers coming and the organization seem to have listened to the input from last year’s edition and have shifted the focus to more pragmatical web production content instead of giving accesibility so much relevance. Don’t get me wrong, making the web accesible is key, we know that. It is pretty cool that the feedback from the ‘customers’ was heard and taken in account. We are tired fo events that only listen to their own bellybuttons.

Keep an eye on Andy Clarke, Ben Hammersley, local hero Luis Villa and the ending keynote by Vinton Cerf. Dave Shea is a great speaker too, but you never know if he is going to recycle old articles or bring something fresh to the table. will be there. Will you?

BONUS: mxGraph, a javascript based Visio like app. Pretty cool, huh?

DISCLAIMER: someone could argue that OFFF is the largest web-oriented conference in Spain, but looks like their focus is not only web-content, but anything related with art and electronic. This is a perception and as such could be so wrong it wouldn’t be funny.

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