I am sick.

No, really. I want to puke and my guts are saying funny things.

Whatever. You are not interested on that. You have come here for your daily fix. Or weekly. Or like I do care. Yes I am on a bad mood and I don’t give a dead dog’s bollocks. Because you are interested only on my ranting. Yes. That is true.

The results of my small poll are in: you only want me to talk about gibberish and nonsense. Fuck my web design skills (personal reminder: update the resume, it has started to stink rotten in there).

So say hi to more links to nowhere. The net is dead. And you haven’t got there. Yet.

Which brings me to today’s note: who the fuck is Gorriti Gilles?

I have no clue. You tell me. I am just an innocent witness.

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